How to Naturally Clean Your Self-Cleaning Oven

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The urge to use the self-cleaning method is strong. Who doesn’t want to simply press a button and have your oven clean itself?! Is it even real? No, it’s not. It’s smelly, uses unnecessary electricity, and never works the way you want it. So instead of subjecting yourself to the smell of burning ash for the next few hours, try our all-natural solution to cleaning your self-cleaning oven!

Things you will need to clean your oven,naturally

  • Rubber Gloves
  • Baking Soda
  • Water
  • Vinegar diluted with water in a spray bottle
  • A Scraper

Steps to cleaning your oven, the eco-friendly way!

  • Remove racks and leave them to soak in your bathtub with a few sheets of eco-friendly fabric softener.
  • Remove oven door (optional)
  • Create a thick paste by mixing baking soda and a bit of water
  • Spread the thick paste into the oven (gloves on) and scrubbing the paste on to extra grimey parts
  • Leave the paste to dry for a couple of hours
  • Take a spray bottle filled with a vinegar dilute and spray down the inside of your oven
  • Scrape any baked on grease on the interior and door of your oven
  • With a damp cloth wipe off the paste in the interior of the oven until it’s squeaky clean
  • Dry and shine with clean cloth and eco-friendly glass cleaner

This all-natural way of cleaning your oven will cut through grease and grime. The baking soda and vinegar combo will help eat through grease while the scraper helps lift it off the oven surface!

We know that after a hard week, cleaning your oven may not be your first idea of fun! We want to give you more free time, and freshen your space so you can enjoy living in it again.

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