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Have questions before your cleaning service? We have answers! Keep scrolling for a list of FAQ cleaning questions or to get prepped for your service. 

Here are some of our most frequently asked questions & enclosed are our Terms & Conditions

1)  How often can the BritClean cleaning team clean my home?

The team can visit you as many times as you would like! We provide multi-weekly cleaning services, as well as weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, and then simple and sporadic one time cleaning services as well. It's your call!

2) Do you supply the cleaning products?

In short, yes, we do! However, if there is any specific product or item that you'd prefer for us to use, we ask you to source this prior to our visit and the crew will be happy to use this in your home. All cleaning product requests must come accompanied with product instructions otherwise we reserve the right not to use the product inside your property.

3) Can I request the same cleaning team every time?

While we try our very best to ensure that we send the same cleaning team to you, we cannot always guarantee it. In the event that the same two personnel aren't available for example, we'll then try and ensure that at least one person from the same cleaning crew will be able to attend as it's always easier if one of the team are familiar with your home/property. If you've put in a specific request for the same cleaning crew, we will make sure that you're notified beforehand if the team alters and we will do this on each proceeding occasion.

4) Will you supply the floorcare tools?

When we experienced the pandemic, we noticed that many customers were requesting for us to use in-house vacuums and mops. As a result of this, we then implemented this as a policy and due to its success, this policy has carried through until the present date. Therefore, wherever possible, we prefer to utilize the in-house vacuum/mop system however, fear not, if you do not have access to either of these, just let us know and our teams will arrive fully equipped with vacuum and mop in-hand!

5) What is your cancelation policy?

We know that things pop up from time-to-time and so we have tried to ensure that our cancelation policy is both proportionate and fair. We require 24 hours notice (from the scheduled time of arrival) for cancelations to avoid any associated fees and charges. If we are not provided 24 hours notice then an immediate full service which is equal to either your first-time estimate or your regular, rolling estimate. This fee applies to 'lock outs' as well. It is very difficult for us to fill appointments in anything less than 24 hours and therefore, in such cases, we still pay our teams compensation hence we endure costs related to this and costs related to the loss of client(s) and the extra administration.

6) Can I reschedule my cleaning service without penalty?

Of course! As long as you provide at least 24 hours notice (from the scheduled time of arrival) then we can reschedule you to a time that is convenient for you.

7) What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept credit card, debit card, e-transfer and electronic payments which are all secured by our trusted merchants.

8) Do you require a credit card on file and when is my card charged?

Yes we do. You'll find that this is quite the norm acorss many service providers in the area. For our security, we do require a valid and working credit card on file. The card must have enough funds on it to cover at least the estimated cost of your cleaning service. The card is only charged when you request to use it as your method of payment. However, please note that invoices are to be cleared within 24 hours and when they are not, cards are automatically charged. In the event that you prefer to clear your balance by e-transfer (and your card has already been charged due to late payment) just let us know and we'll be happy to refund the card on file (minus the admin fee). The e-transfer must have been successfully deposited into BritClean's account before the refund is issued.

9) Are there any fee's attached to credit and debit card payments?

Yes, we charge a 2.9% flat fee on the full balance for credit and debit card payments across the board. To avoid these fee's, we've set up an option for all customers to be able to clear their invoices using e-transfer.

10) What is your refund/return policy?

We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee which ensures that your cleaning team returns to you at the earliest opportunity to fix anything that may have been missed. Please note that we need to be notified within 24 hours of your cleaning service completion time, this is non-negotiable. In the event that a final walkthrough has been completed (this is where you, the customer, walk through the premises with our cleaning team at the very end of your cleaning service) and you've already advised that you're happy for the team to depart, we reserve the right to refuse the 100% satisfaction guarantee policy. We do not provide refunds or discounts at any juncture and this is non-negotiable. 100% satisfaction guarantee is not valid for, and does not apply to, time-capped cleaning services.

11) How do you charge and how do you create your estimates?

Our cleaning service costs vary depending on the square footage of your property, as well as the level of cleaning required on the day. We will provide you with a free estimate which will be based on your square footage and then the details that you provide our personnel upon booking. We ask that you are as honest as possible when it comes to describing your property and the level of cleaning required. Note that heavier soiled properties, older properties, properties with mold, meldew, or a build up of dust, dirt or debris will take longer than a standard cleaning service based on the initial square footage. Other things that may alter your estimate from that of the standard cleaning service estimate include: pets, children inside the home -- fingerprints etc, atypical areas such as taller windows, cluttered shelving and lack of light inside the home.  We strive to provide our best estimate though reserve the right to charge extra when any of the above presents itself. 

12) Can you refuse to clean my house?

We love to clean, and we love what we do, however, as you can imagine there are some scenarios where we just cannot provide cleaning services. These scenarios include (but are not limited to) - when the property presents in an unsafe manner, when there is hazardous materials or human waste inside the property, when there is too much clutter, when the property is decrepit, when the customer is rude to our teams, when the customer doesn't provide enough space between themselves and the cleaning crew, when the information given prior to our arrival is proven to be untrue, or not a correct representation of the level of cleaning required and the assigned number of hours (we will either complete the cleaning service and charge for the extra, or we will leave).

11) How many team members can I expect?

We tend to work in teams of 2 or more. There are occasions where we'll send one helper to you as one helper may be more suited to your schedule, or your home. The number of helpers assigned is dependent on the size of the property and the level of cleaning required.

12) Can I request only specific items to be cleaned?

You betcha! Just get in touch with us by telephone, email or text -- 604 842 4554 and we will tailor your cleaning plan in accordance with your needs.

13) Do you provide any special requests?

We sure do! Please familiarize yourself with our cleaning service add-ons which can be found on our services pages, or click here to learn more.

14) Do I have to be home when your cleaning team arrive?

You do not! Infact, we prefer an open canvas for our cleaning crews as they work most effectively and most efficiently under these circumstances. However, it is not mandatory and you're more than welcome to stay home while your cleaning crew do their thing. Please note that we do require you to leave ample space between our cleaning personnel and yourselves, and request that you do not stand over our cleaning teams whilst they're working. For first time cleaning services, please ensure that you or someone you trust is home to provide access to our team.

15) Can I leave a key with you?

Yes you can. All of our keys are kept safely and securely in a safe for your reassurance. Many clients prefer to be home for the first visit and then provide our teams with a key for their regular clean-ups. If you prefer, you can leave a key in a 'safe' place each time, or you can use a lock-box service. For out of office hours cleaning services, we will require you to leave a key with us.

16) Will you accept packages on our behalf while we are away?

We do not want to be awkward, but unfortunately, due to insurance reasons we cannot answer the door to any servicemen, or accept any packages on your behalf.

17) Will you babysit whilst we depart?

Unfortunately we cannot babysit, or look after your children while you depart. They are under the care of the client only and if you leave your children inside the home while we are working then it is at your own risk and responsibility.

18) Do you mind if we have any pets?

All of our cleaning teams are open and willing to work in homes with safe and well-trained pets. We ask that you use your discretion when leaving your pet(s) at home and use a crate wherever possible. Please note that we refuse any responsibility or liability for the care of your animals while we are inside the home and while we will try our best to leave windows and doors closed, in the event that an animal escapes, we do not accept liability.

19) Are your teams bonded?

Yes, everybody on our squad is bonded and holds a valid work permit. 

20) Do you offer carpet cleaning services?

We no longer provide carpet cleaning services but aim to have this back on our service list as soon as possible! We do however recommened some reputable and well-known companies across the North Shore including SmithWerks and ZenCarpet Cleaning.

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