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Post construction dust and dirt is harmful to the health of the building’s occupants and it is very difficult to remove.

With our specialized equipment, products and expertise, your BritClean team will effectively remove the airborne dust particles and residue that settles everywhere after construction and renovation, including on furnishings, carpet, wall hangings, windows and fittings, sanitary fittings, walls, hard surfaces and tile floors.

'WHEN SHOULD I REQUEST A POST CONSTRUCTION CLEANING SERVICE? At the completion of your renovation, or construction, we will provide the important, final step prior to handing the unit over to the new owner/until its new use begins.

If you have a lot of dirt and debris left behind from a home renovation project, or if you are a contractor, and require a meticulous clean-up, hire us for this service today!




Just a few services include:

  • Remove dust, dirt, smudges, and scuffs from walls
  • Dust all surfaces, woodwork, and fixtures, including ceiling fans
  • Clean trim, baseboards, window frames, and door frames
  • Clean interior masonry
  • Remove stickers from windows and glass
  • Clean window blinds, inside cabinets, and inside closets
  • Spot clean walls, doors & windows
  • Vacuuming all small particle dust and washing floors

Our Cleaning Services: Regular/Deep Home Cleaning | Move In/Move Out Cleaning | Post Construction Cleaning | Outdoor And Pressure Washing Services | Office/Commercial Cleaning

BritClean offers Post Construction Cleaning Services to clients across North Vancouver, Vancouver, West Vancouver, Burnaby, Lower Mainland, and the surrounding areas.

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